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Breathing apparatus

Breathing apparatus

Part number : ARI001

It consists of:

- One or more compressed air cylinder (at a pressure ranging between 200 and 300 bar)
- A high-pressure regulator, reducing this air to a pressure of about 6-7 bars to the transit in the pipe
- A compressed air delivery hose of the hose to the mask may have a division allowing a wearer stuffiness to plug his mask
- A demand valve (microcontroller), clipped onto the mask and reducing the air to a breathable pressure but slightly above atmospheric pressure (so that no outside gas enters the mask)
- A sealed mask; depending on the case, it may cover only the airways (nose and mouth) or the entire face
- A manometer for controlling the air pressure remaining in the cylinder
- A whistle signaling that the air supply to an end
- Sometimes a location tag for sound warn of danger or operable by the wearer unepériode total asset.


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